Dr. Barbara Graham's Philosophy

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I hold the physician-patient relationship in the highest esteem.  I view the patient as a partner in working toward the mutual goal of optimal patient health and well-being.  The patient's responsibility is to provide accurate historical information, and to report their response to our selected therapy.  My responsibility is to provide the scientific knowledge and medical training that allows accurate diagnosis.  Working together, we decide the course of treatment.  I enjoy the process of choosing the best treatment for each individual patient, and helping them receive the utmost care in the most timely manner possible.

I offer a full range of internal medicine services including diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and arthritis.  In addition, I offer full gynecologic screening services and premenopausal hormone treatments. 

The friendly staff at The Graham Clinic includes physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants who are committed to providing the highest quality medical care and share a proactive philosophy.   We look forward to serving you soon!

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